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Trading momentum signals

Mayfair Volume Stochastic

The Mayfair Volume Stochastic Indicator gives momentum signals. Use it to check momentum for your setups. leveraging a custom RSI, Stochastic, volume momentum and trend continuation tool.

Stochastic $299

One of our newer tools

Mayfair Crypto Market Indicator

Mayfair Crypto looks at the strength of the Total crypto market and plots this as a histogram. In front of that we have the strength of both BTC and the strength of crypto without ₿itcoin
Crypto for $99

Predict trade turning points

Mayfair Supply and Demand Indicator

The Supply & Demand indicator does what it says on the tin. It allows a trader to plot local, medium and longer-term areas of interest.

Mayfair's Supply and Demand indicator helps you to identify the levels where the real business gets done. This helps you to predict high-probability turning points in the market

Supply and Demand $99

Regressions indicator for price action

Mayfair Regressions Indicator

The Mayfair Regressions Indicator plots the trend within a trend

As well as saving you the bother and worry of placing your own Trend Channels, it adds the trend within a trend, a curved regression within the main channel, giving you masses more visibility of the price action and the edges of the trends. Regression paints a continuous channel - evolving with the trend, inside the regression we have a curved regression. Both can be used to identify swing highs & lows. Using the inner curve to trade between the two main channel walls.
Regressions for $199

Trigger quadratics indicator

Mayfair Quadratics Indicator

The Mayfair Quadratics Indicator gives great initial signals on all timeframes. Use it to trigger you into checking other indicators for setups

This one is one of Mayfair's favorite indicators as a whole, the cross of the Histogram and trigger with an increase in volume helps spot entries. And the inverse, allows you to see 'reasons' to exit a trade.

Quadratics for $199

Best heatmap volume indicator

Mayfair Heatmap Volume Indicator

This is our most popular indicator.

It gives three separate signals and is best used on a 4H timeframe, to alert you to trading opportunities. It combines a heatmap with a volume-weighted RSI-type indicator and includes a divergence flag.
Heatmap Volume for $299
Indicators tend to work best in certain environments. You should always back-test any strategy in multiple environments to identify if it is suitable for this indicator. When purchasing indicators, you will need to provide your TradingView username for us to give access, also remember with annual membership you have access to a combination of these as part of the package

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