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Mayfair Method

Mayfair Method is our educational platform for teaching advanced trading techniques. Whereas most educational platforms tend to give what we regard as level one offerings, we really want to take our students to that next level. Teaching professional techniques around Dow Theory, to encompass Elliott wave principles and into Wyckoff Schematics, amongst other things. 


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We use a combination of well-respected technical analysis techniques, including in-depth Wyckoff Schematics, Fibonacci, Elliott Wave, and our proprietary indicators.

75%+ of retail traders lose money.

We leverage market information such as broker sentiment and commitment of traders reports (COT) to trade as a contrarian and to be on the same side as institutional money flow.

The Mayfair Method focuses on knowing how to trade the other side. We have years of experience across various trading instruments and can guide you through the process.

This is the best write up on crypto alt coins I have ever come across. I don't think people realize the importance of fundamental analysis in cryptocurrencies, both coin, and tokens. It is what I used for five years before I started to leard TA for shorter term swing trades, and eventually scalping. I was always an investor who used FA when it came to Blockchain, and the only money I ever "lost" was not taking profits & buying back in lower. I just learned all of that. Thank you for sharing this.
Just had to say thanks again. I followed you for 2 mins 2 days ago and took a bite. Changed all my moves and eventually sold everything for only 100 dollar profit. Today I made more than I'll make all week, bought and sold at near perfect times and can't wait for the next buy in.
Being a Psychiatric Nurse, I can completely give you a professional opinion and say to you, you are exactly correct on your "Understanding the Traders Psychology" diagram. That is very comparable to the 5-stages of Grief and Dying, also known as the 5-Stages of Death.
I'm excited. It's like seeing the matrix for the first time finding patterns in chaos.
What Mayfair has done in a short period of time, has been nothing short of extraordinary. I can only build and improve, so as my clients benefit, so do I.
Mayfair If I would have known about you and the wisdom you share, I could have saved more than $50,000. Thank you! Still not too late to recover.


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