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We will teach you how to stop being retail trading cannon-fodder, and start being a hunter. 

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More than your average trading analysis
More than your average trading analysis
A video from the past, see if it holds up!

Advanced Trading Techniques

Learn from traders with over 50 years of trading experience

Our mentors have vast experience in trading all types of securities. The focus for Mayfair Method is to educate our students in advanced techniques using tools such as Elliott Wave principles, Dow Theory and Wyckoff Schematics.
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Mayfair Method Education and Mentoring
Mayfair Method Trading Education and Mentoring

Crypto Trading Mentoring

Teaching advanced trading techniques

Most trading courses tend to give what we regard as level one offerings. We really want to take our students to the next level. We teach professional techniques around Dow Theory, Elliott Wave principles and Wyckoff Schematics, adding our own extremely insightful price action analysis to give much higher confidence trades.
We aim to remove our students from the retail arena and teach them the skills to join the professional side of the business.
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Sophisticated proprietary indicators for TradingView form part of the package.

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  • Mayfair Heatmap
  • Mayfair Quadratics
  • Mayfair Supply & Demand
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Another video from the past, see if it holds up!