• Professional Trading Education

    About us

    • Would you like to know why it’s so hard for you to make money trading?
    • 90% of new traders lose 90% of their stake within 90 days. Why?
    • Do you realise that most trading courses you have taken just teach you enough to be dangerous (to yourself)?
    • Are you ready for the next step: How to trade like a PRO?
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  • Become a Professional

    Professional Trading

    Trading like a Pro means thinking like a Pro. What does this entail?
    • They don’t get FOMO (fear of missing out).
    • They know you better than you know yourself.
    • You are literally prey for them.
    • They RELY on you behaving as you currently do.
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  • Learn from the best

    Time to change

    So, how can you win?

    • We will show you the natural processes that rule the markets.
    • You will see why you trade like you do.
    • We will show you how to change your mindset.
    • We will show you how to think like the Pros instead so you can PROFIT.

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  • Advanced techniques

    Are you ready?

    What are we going to teach you?

    • We’ll show you how to stalk a trade.
    • We’ll show you how to gather evidence through price action.
    • You will learn how to analyse evidence and choose your trades.
    • We’ll teach you how to enter at the right time.
    • And most importantly, how to stop being a target and become a hunter.

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    The Mayfair Method

    The Mayfair Method is part of the Mayfair Ventures Holdings Group of Companies.

    The Mayfair Method works for crypto, forex, stocks, indices, and commodities. It is based off sober price action analysis using techniques discovered by the giants of technical analysis. Our mentors have vast experience in trading all types of securities. The FOCUS for Mayfair Method is to educate our students in advanced techniques using tools such as Elliott Wave principles, Dow Theory and Wyckoff Schematics.

    We aim to remove our students from the retail arena and teach them the skills to join the professional side of the business.

    Sophisticated proprietary indicators for Tradingview form part of the package.

    We simplify all the complex logic, to accelerate our students into professional attainment.


    of Experience


    Our team

    Lewis Daniels

    Lewis started trading at 15 after a school trip to Wall Street. He moved from blue-chip stocks to penny stocks and eventually predominantly into Forex. Been a Bitcoin investor since 2011. He also started educating and mentoring students in 2012. Experienced in Venture Capital in the advanced technology sector. His trading expertise is in technical analysis, institutional strategies and money flow. Other areas include Elliott Wave Principle, Dow Theory & Wyckoff Schematics.

    Paul Varcoe

    Paul started trading in 1987 as an options market-maker on the London Stock Exchange. He traded stock and FTSE options on the LIFFE floor for 11 years before starting a business creating trading screens for professional traders when the pits closed. Paul Floated his company EasyScreen on the stock exchange in 2000. He worked as a prop trader until 2008, then started a mini stock exchange for private companies. He has been educating people on and off since 1989.