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Advanced trading techniques

Mayfair crypto trading and mentoring

We use a combination of well-respected technical analysis techniques, including in-depth Wyckoff Schematics, Fibonacci, Elliott Wave, and our proprietary indicators.
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Learn from the experienced traders

Trading like a Pro means thinking like a Pro. What does this entail?

  • They don’t get FOMO (fear of missing out).
  • They know you better than you know yourself.
  • You are literally prey for them.
  • They RELY on you behaving as you currently do.

Become a professional trader

Paul started trading in 1987 as an options market-maker on the London Stock Exchange.

  • Would you like to know why it’s so hard for you to make money trading?
  • 90% of new traders lose 90% of their stake within 90 days. Why?
  • Do you realise that most trading courses you have taken just teach you enough to be dangerous (to yourself)?
  • Are you ready for the next step: How to trade like a PRO?

Time to change

So, how can you win?

  • We will show you the natural processes that rule the markets.
  • You will see why you trade like you do.
  • We will show you how to change your mindset.
  • We will show you how to think like the Pros instead so you can PROFIT.

Are you ready?

What are we going to teach you?

  • We’ll show you how to stalk a trade.
  • We’ll show you how to gather evidence through price action.
  • You will learn how to analyse evidence and choose your trades.
  • We’ll teach you how to enter at the right time.
  • And most importantly, how to stop being a target and become a hunter.

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How to WIN at Trading Crypto, FX and Commodities

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