Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to get the indicators?

When purchasing indicators, you will need to provide your TradingView username for us to give access, also remember with annual membership you have access to a combination of these as part of the package

Do I need to do a basics course first?

Ideally yes, we are not here to teach you how to place a stop loss order. We are launching our own basics course on SkillShare, where you can subscribe cheaply and pick up all you need to know

If you are successful traders, why not just trade? The old saying is: “If you can’t, teach”

We can easily do both. Our trading style gives us loads of free time, and we are angry that the system is heavily biased against retail traders like you. We hope to be able to redress the balance.

Can I find out more for free?

You can join our Discord Server free here: We provide a forum and some free content, usually delayed, sometimes live.

What makes your course unique?

We put you on the side of the professional traders, exploiting the mass of retail cannon-fodder. Right now, you are literally the hunted. Become the hunter.

Why should I subscribe? Why is it value for money?

The Mayfair Method is like a university trading course. Other courses tend to teach you the basics, but not actually how to trade. They set you up to fail, because a little knowledge is a dangerous thing where trading is concerned. You will lose more than our fee and learn nothing.

How can I get access to the Short Term Traders channel

This does not include the educational content you get as a monthly > subscriber. But you will receive the Mayfair MP blocks Indicator. We will be covering daily key levels based on the indicator and the strategy around a 15-minute chart. If you are already a subscriber, you will have access to this channel and indicator.

Current price $79.99 a month

Get the Short Time Frame trading channel access

After purchase:

You need to check your email for a code from When you have the code, then you can either click on @LaunchPass in the message above, or on the LaunchPass BOT in the list of members on the right. Just put the code into the message box and hit Enter, then you will be activated. ( we run on Discord )

Where can I subscribe to Mayfair Trading and Mentoring?

All deals include a free Indicators: Mayfair X-Trend Indicator and Mayfair MP Blocks indicator

Lifetime membership not currently available.

Yearly members get LIFETIME access to up to $800- worth of indicators, (Your choice) so it's quite a discount.

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