Mayfair Heatmap Volume Indicator

18 April 2022
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Published by: Paul Varcoe
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Heatmap Volume Indicator a great trigger for looking at opening a trade

I am gonna talk about our Heatmap Volume Indicator, which is our most popular trading indicator. Probably because it does have like three different things built into it. It works as a trigger indicator, so it does not necessarily say buy it here or sell it here, all it does say is you should be buying here , you should be looking and selling it here. And then you can drop down to lower timeframe, perhaps, and wait for an good trading entry or check other indicators to make sure you are happy with the trade. It is best used on a 4H timeframe, to alert you to trading opportunities. It combines a heatmap with a volume-weighted RSI-type indicator and includes a divergence flag.

Check the video on how it works and see the basic parts of this heatmap volume trading indicator, if you are interested either sign up to mentoring and coaching or just get one. To choose from other indicators visit Mayfair Proprietary Indicators product page