Is Moon Carl really your friend?

6 March 2022
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Published by: Paul Varcoe
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Why we decided to put emphasis on the clowns in the space

Why we decided to put emphasis on the clowns in the space, as we kept getting requests to review other "Gurus" charts. When we did some digging on Carl, there was so much info there, it just needed highlighting. Our goal has been to educate followers, subscribers and the public on ways to NOT lose money. This can and does include technical analysis, highlighting issues with brokers and exchanges and as recent tweets and videos show - how not to fall for the scams out there! So whilst you might see our attempts as off topic - they could not have better intentions than exposing the inner workings of these scam artists, much the same as we have shown how the Composite man controls the charts. There are plenty of reasons 'Why you shouldn't trust clowns in Bitcoin'

“There is a guy they call Carl. You won’t find much about him, he only posts like 25 times a day. If you do the opposite of whatever he says, you will do alright in the markets.“ ( Not a financial advice )

Welcome to this short series about (Moon) Carl Runefelt.

Little look at the perma-bull, and see if his show makes any sense at all. #besttaonyoutube

How many people has he helped to wreck? That is the sad question.

I had a look at (Moon) Carl Runefelt's trading calls to see if his TA is any good. I learned a lot.

Let's check out the recent dump and ridicule perma-bull Moon Carl once more. Long $1m at 44k?

Moon Carl digs his own grave again, he is a fraud.

Moon Carl can't be seen to be wrong, but we are on to him. He is a fraud, changes the titles of his YT vids when the price goes against him and we are not the only ones who realized

You want to defend him? Or just spend a couple of minutes to work this out. His words not mine, clearly no screenshot - all from his video's and he uses his own words. Wake up guys.

He is a very successful guy to be sure, well done to him. However we would like it if he stopped making shit calls and costing innocent people their life savings. Stay away from the charts, Carl.

People didn't like the Bearish Bitcoin calls - Instead they follow along with these clowns of crypto and HOPE that their red accounts turn green. These people Moon Carl, PlanB, MMCrypto and countless others! They clearly don't make any money trading. Instead they shill you brokers, platforms, and hats! They spend more time on production than charting. You would be better asking your local farmer for advice on Bitcoin. Here's some sound logic, proven time and time again. And it's free!