Breakdown of the insane BITCOIN calls

18 April 2022
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Published by: Lewis Daniels
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Breakdown of the insane youtubers BITCOIN calls.

This one's going to be very different to my usual video. This is really just emphasizing I suppose what I put in the last video for the kind of moon clowns called 'Why you shouldn't trust clowns in Bitcoin'. I've actually gone and taken a little bit of time to review some of the posts during the periods that, you know, we were getting laughed at for such "Hey, you're going bearish on this particular move and what these guys were actually saying is ... ".

I'm gonna start off with this guy Moon Carl, you can also watch other video about him 'Moon Carl bitcoin in his own words' . The First post takes me back to March actually around the same kind of time period where we were calling the blew up The Rocket Man youtube post video with expectations of it dropping from the 62k at the time all the way down then to where we were anticipating this to be at 28k before any form of move up.

In the video I will mention also MMC crypto and Plan B literally insane predictions. Fueling this with pure opium isn't really the best way to make money in the crypto market following these fake gurus, these social media influencers,. You must understand hese guys are making more money from selling Plan B hats, and affiliate links through brokers than they are trading at all.

Crypto clowns making insane calls that did not play out!

Think I'm crazy but hear me out if you wanna do me one favor hear me out watch this video 'Breakdown of the insane BITCOIN calls' until the end! Bitcoin was actually flashed at the 69k high and we dropped down to 32k. In their videos there's no form of analysis, it is just fueled by hope this is something that is gaining followers based on how ridiculous these calls actually are so whether it's Moon Carl, this mmc crypto, Plan B ,you know, they're taking retail traders for a ride and basically filling up their own bank accounts based on nothing other than pure outright nonsense.

Ultimately the broker is betting against you

Ultimately the broker is betting against you so when you start looking for brokers you need to understand where the brokers are domiciled what jurisdiction what kind of coverage and aspect of controls that you have if you put money in how easy is to get money out and ultimately when these guys are taking the other side of the trade they will even go as far as to sell your data to larger traders, larger institutional traders that are basically using bots and algorithms to hedge against your trades based on the platform that you've signed up for. So you're basically putting money into the bigger guys pockets, you're putting money into these social media influencers pockets, you're paying the broker for the privilege and you're losing your shirt all at the same time.

How to watch out for misleading crypto clowns

Watch out for comments scams and ultimately sales pitches that sound a little bit like this one: "Guys if you scroll down below this video then you can claim 3.5 thousand dollars in bonus on buy bits one point six thousand dollars in bonus on phoenix and on prime xpt you can claim 1 750 in bonus this is the new bonus they just launched right now and you have to use this voucher code to be able to claim this 1.8 k bonus on prime mix"

So if you're making enough money trading you don't need to advertise brokers, you don't need to request smash this and like this and follow me ultimately. You need to understand these guys are not making money trading, they are making money by selling to mugs ( a person easily deceived )

And that's all for now if you have followed these guys you've taken the advice from these guys you've actually bought in and you're currently holding some red bags...

This video is a little bit different to my norm but I really wanted to emphasize what we covered in the last post and why I don't think it's a good idea to follow these crypto clowns so enjoy the rest of your weekend and I'll see you in the next proper stream thanks for watching.