BITCOIN - When Moon? Part Two

18 April 2022
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Published by: Lewis Daniels
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So I'm actually now back from my trip about a couple of days of just playing catch up, really and in essence what I've tried to do, if you guys already followers in Mayfair Method Discord and you're already subscribers you'll know that I've done a few more private streams for paying subscribers where I mentoring and coaching together with Paul.

Bitcoin basically becoming institutionalized

I guess where we are at the moment is we're at this I guess some kind of critical point in terms of Bitcoin. Although I'm putting some emphasis on, and I know paul is still doing the daily streams, I'm looking at this in in terms of where we are kind of big picture and then looking for that kind of early signs in terms of some sign of entry. So although people might say, "ah you know we kind of bearish on bitcoin" it's not really true, it's not really the case I think all I've tried to do over this last year and since making a lot of my kind of my bitcoin calls public I've tried to put the emphasis on the reality of the situation, so you know where I guess everybody were looking for moon calls everybody was looking for you know why we can go to 275k or beyond I think the reality is, and I've highlighted this over and over and over again and not only have I kept this for full of subscribers. I've put this out in the public kind of time and time and time again right going all the way back to december 2020. i'm just gonna re-emphasize really what i've said throughout on how you could see the Bitcoin basically becoming institutionalized.

Big boys coming in does not equate price going up

What you have to remember and I can't stress this enough is that:

The bigger the players in the game the harder the game becomes for the little players

Mayfair Method

Therefore understanding why we do what we do will kind of serve you better in the long run than looking for a "do I buy now, do I sell" now and that's all you're looking for especially when you put in so much emphasis with poor risk management on these types of trades. This is profit taking for the institutional player and this is where the red bags are created for the retail players. It is wholesale selling to retail at the premium that's the beauty of it.

Again in this video "BITCOIN - When Moon? Part Two" I am emphasizing how respectful Bitcoin is becoming. I will show you a couple of possibilities. My least preferred scenario compared to my most preferred scenario

Then Bitcoin price action will tell us when we get there

You will find out that for me one way or another nothing's really changed. Hence the reason that a lot of my posts and streams recently have been relaxed. I've done this post from the slopes, I've kind of played around with it because this is just becoming more and more institutionalized there's nothing really that's pressing. Nothing really exciting, I don't feel like I'm missing anything out at the moment in terms of the situation. You know everything that I've covered in these posts over the last year and it's kind of playing itself out right so I don't feel right now it's the time to be buying. I'm not really one for shorting Bitcoin you know I do believe in the product and in the actual technology and I've been in this space an awful long time from both the professional investor and ultimately venture capitalist in the technology side as well as ultimately 20 odd years on the trade inside. I'm buying bitcoin since 2011. so I guess the thing is for me I'm not really missing anything right now I'm quite happy with the situation. I think the situation is playing itself out as it should and therefore I kind of feel confident and comfortable Then price action will tell us when we get there whether or not you know that is done and we're ready for that buy I've already said that even if that's not the case i might have a little play with the 'A' to 'B' move any which way because we are on a monthly time frame and therefore you got a lot more probability in terms of the move up from the new kind of liquidity grab and then eventually if we do get this move back down I'm just going to kind of go back into it at that point

As I said earlier on in the video the big boys coming in does not equate price going up they want to be buying at wholesale prices from guys carrying red bags right now okay so this is more about the pain points the time frame aspect and ultimately dragging this out is nothing to the big boys

Thanks for watching and we'll see you in the next one.