BITCOIN this could be the one to a million bucks

18 April 2022
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Published by: Lewis Daniels
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In this video, I just wanted to give a little bit of an update given the current move the overall circumstance and just maybe to put a little bit of reassurance in there now for you guys who are watching who are "ultimately bullish and this is going to a million dollars and this is going to 250 000"

Nothing moves in a straight line and I just wanted to clarify where we are, where we could be, and overall why I'm not too bothered right now in terms of this big picture move so just looking at this and saying the overall sentiment is definitely bullish there's no two ways about that as a whole. I think it's just more a question of understanding why we are where we are, and given two or three different options just for clarity as to where we are in the grand scheme of things.

I have sum up in this video called 'BITCOIN this could be the one to a million bucks' and showed you where the options are and some logic behind these kinds of options. Again I think the higher we go the more profits the Composite Man will be looking to take and there's going to be an awful lot of tears. In that move should we take out the current all-time high in this move at the moment. I think overall best case scenario is to drop down from here to kind of recoup restart refresh and then for me it would probably be a longer term buy should we get the drop now. If we move up to 65 and it carries on you know 70 - 80 I'm just gonna sit on my hands, I don't care missing out that's not the trade I'm looking for. I'm gonna be looking to get back in on that monthly four and then ultimately just take it hold it and hold it for the foreseeable future.

So until then it's just not really that interesting and as I said if you come back to what I was posting in March, you'll actually see how crazy this is that it's actually only done what's been forecast so far and we going back you know six months or more in terms of this situation playing itself out and it's done exactly what I thought it was going to do. So at the moment it's becoming more professionalized, it's becoming more institutionalized and I just get the impression that many retail traders are still under the assumption that more big players in, equals the price just rises and what they're not seeing is that some of these hedge funds, and large cap type traders - these guys are actually day trading, these guys are actually trading even you know investing in trading terms means that they are buying and selling positions and I just kind of keep asking the question

"if you guys are buying in terms of retail who's actually selling to you?"

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and that really is the question there so what you see as profits these guys are also seeing as profits because they've bought an awful lot cheaper, in a lot bigger quantities and I just feel that, you know, when you start to realize what's actually going on you'll start to realize where these value areas are, why these value areas are key, and the logic behind another all-time high and a bigger drop will be very very cruel but what it actually does for composite man and the the bigger players in the grand scheme of things is that it will allow them to sell you a position, get out of their positions that they've bought from a lower price down so just think of wholesale in retail and retail is the the general public, ultimately. The wholesale prices have been acquired a long time back they started selling off some of these positions in and around the 40k level now as the price was shooting up these guys were just selling more positions. We ended up getting to this large scale drop these guys have definitely been accumulating these positions and therefore as the price is moving up, you start to see profit taking. Start to see the price moving up again you'll start to see some profit taking until such time that you actually get a nice spike down and at that point I think that's the stage where you'll actually be seeing Bitcoin go above 100 000 and possibly not come back down under 100 000.

I hope you enjoyed and it makes a bit of sense and happy to feel questions in our Mayfair Method Discord Channel so thanks for watching you