Bitcoin - the logic you need to see

18 April 2022
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Published by: Lewis Daniels
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If the instrument is now institutionalized - then the worse is yet to come! Poor retail traders.

Just another quick one, um I've just seen a couple of interesting posts on Trading View and I just wanted to cover a couple of key points going back all the way through to march I guess and I know I've mentioned this a couple of times in the last couple of streams. But it's actually worth taking a look at

In this one, 'Bitcoin - the logic you need to see', I'm gonna go back from all the way to march the 18. I will cover two potential targets to the upside and the highest potential for a monthly three move. I will show you The Best case scenario and potential scenarios before we actually then start looking for the monthly three to four coming down. You know massive again. We could easily come all the way back down to the range shown in the video. On that now: how sad would that be for many people buying in at 60-65k or 70k for it to crash back down to 35 40k all over again.

You might want to look at this for logic, the moves have been so respectful

I know this one is probably a boring video, um, it's kind of repetitive in terms of what I've tried to cover but I really needed to emphasize this especially for the guys in the Mayfair Method Discord channel. I'm kind of that confident in this that if we do take the current all-time high with very slow momentum that the bigger crash is yet to come and that's where I think we are at the moment. So again I hope this makes a little bit of sense and I hope you've enjoyed this one like I said very repetitive but I really needed to get the message across so yeah I will see you in the next video and thanks for watching