Thank you!

Thank you for registering free at Mayfair Trading, we have been working with E-Career’s to advance traders from the basic level, into the professional phase. We know how daunting trading can be, especially at the beginning. Many courses, run you through the basics and let you loose. This is often due to the way they make their money – it’s all done via FTD’s (first time deposits). Their sole objective is to sign you to the broker.

We understand the issue for new traders, is often the lack of direction.

You may have just completed a basic training course & are left wondering “what next”?

Come and take a free trial on our discord server with no obligation, we have built a friendly community and our mentors Lewis & Paul have over 50 years trading experience between them.

Also if you decide to buy – use this custom link below or message directly @Mayfair from inside the server and receive a 15% with this method.